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Veer Info Tech is a digital marketing division of VEER TUTORIAL. It is a trusted online marketing agency dedicated to learning about and comprehending the activities of your firm. We as known online marketing services provider in India can guarantee that our marketing strategy is created with the express objective of resolving your company’s problems by cultivating a relationship with each of our customers. In order to address the most important marketing concerns, each of our marketing activities are specialized to the needs of the customer.

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1300+ Best Selling Ebook Bundle


  • Premium Ebooks
  • LIfetime Validity
  • Books for all Industries
  • Famous Books Included
  • 6 Gb Files of Ebooks 
  • Less than 1 Paisa Per Ebook


This Ebook bundle is especially for everyone who wants to get these Books but is unable to do so as every book costs around 200/- Per Book
We have made this Pack very Budget Friendly so that everyone could get these Ebooks and Increase their knowledge in Various Domains.

What type of Books you will be Getting ?

  • Investment Books
  • Life changing Books
  • Motivational Books
  • Will power
  • Best Entrepreneur Books
  • Best wealth books
  • Business skills and financial education
  • Anxiety And Depression Books
  • Autobiography
  • Badass Books
  • Best Psychology Books
  • Books on creativity
  • Brain boosting Books
  • Trade and stock market
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Communication Books
  • Goal setting Books
  • Horror Books
  • Humor Books
  • Leadership Books
  • Money Books
  • Mystery Books
  • Romantic Books
  • Self-development Books
  • Self-help Books
  • Fiction books in Hindi
  • Books
  • Fiction Books
  • Non-Fiction Books And
  • Many More

Get Premium Ebooks at less than 1 Paisa
You will be getting 1300+ Ebooks for Just 199/- , thus for one ebook the cost comes to less than 1 Paisa per Ebook.
Purchase-Open the Pdf -Read
– Simply after Purchase, you will receive a pdf in which the links will be present to download the Ebooks.
Maximize your Knowledge & not Bills.
– We have taken care of your Premium Ebooks. Why buy so many books when you can get 1300+ Ebooks at just 199/-.


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