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    Magazine advertising is the ads that people see placed throughout publications. Starting up or maintaining a magazine is dependent on a few factors, but one of the most important is advertising. Ad sales can make or break a publication, and nearly all magazines depend on the revenue generated by their advertisers to stay in business...............


    It is very important to have magazine advertising in place before a new publication is placed on the market. At the beginning, the revenue from ads can pay for staff wages and help with the start up costs. Not only that, but the right type of advertisement placed through a magazine can also boost the magazine's sales. Advertisers are also aware that a strategically placed ad in the right magazine can improve their business many times over.



    Many people note that, when they look at glossy magazines, they seem to be almost 80% advertisements. The reason for this is that many of these magazines are seen as "aspirational," and the ads within their pages reflect the message of the magazine and the audience they are trying to reach. People who read them are supposedly the elite in terms of lifestyle, they are aware of things like fashion trends, and they have a large disposable income.


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